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I just wrote this (Feb 11, 2023) about Andreas Gursky:

Andreas Gursky was born in East Germany but grew up in West Germany
Whatever he’s trying to depict reminds me of an ‘inescapability’
That might not only describe the eastern bloc but also the inescapable monotony of a continent with very few languages
There is a lack of a solid thing to hold on to in his photos which reduces the viewer to a feeling of overwhelming helplessness and perhaps a blind quality of abstract disorientation [end of feb 2023 writing on Gursky]

There are more ways to move than only one, be sure

We need to divert American defense spending to fight global warming

Not included in CV: group exhibition at Dark Harbor studios, Islesboro, ME, August - September, 2018

Give me anything that isn’t United States of American

Holding Thought in High Regard

mein bilder machten sie etwas zu seinen

Love is a chemical reaction that produces Euphoria


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Thinking about the future

Thank you

There is a whole world outside the United States and a whole United States outside the one I'm living in

pictures are literally worth thousands of words

RIP Emmy Krick 1930-2018, Grade school Art teacher

this is when one is surrounded by people that won't be quiet

I hope my drawings say "Art School" because I went there!!

What's the term for 'cultural freedom of expression' that would inspire a pilgrim to travel in the opposite direction back to Europe

I went on uppers in boarding school to try to make me feel better about myself. They didn't do a thing. My cool druggy friends gave me crap for going on pharmaceuticals like it was inauthentic

My graphite face series is like the ever changing and consistent surface of the sea - instagram.com/acortrightdev

I can be a bad communicator in personal relationships

Purple is the color of 2018

You're my favorite


closetted european

hundreds of cumulative face drawings on my instagram: instagram.com/acortrightdev

always looking for places to hang (mein werk)

Ich liebe die Berge viel und es zeigt viel in meiner Arbeit

home page image March 2015 18' x 24' oil on canvas post ski trip to Carinthia

You have no idea how good she smelled

Not included in CV: group show Dark Harbor Studios, Aug - Early Sept, 2017

Is there an artist in your life you feel emotionally disconnected from? Perhaps try looking at their artwork

I wrote my essay for boarding school (St. Mark's) about land preservation



fatigue and depression since the age of 17 and bowel problems since the age of 18. 35 now

Religion major in college (Colorado College)

currently spending twenty hours each week drawing faces. 5hr/day 4 days/week (minimum)

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Decision making

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"Life is too short to stress yourself with people who don't even deserve to be an issue in your life"



The question of why color exists is as interesting to me as the question of why anything exists at all

People say my drawings look like lithographs. I am happy to make a plethora of them anyway