'-Ich bin ein gefühlvoll powerful Pennsylvania graphit Wagnerian 'Normcore' Deutscher Expressionist Maler-'---- Step Inside! ---- Take a Look  ---- now Please do it
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Thank you sincerely for coming

I hope my drawings say "Art School" because I went there!!

What's the term for 'cultural freedom of expression' that would inspire a pilgrim to travel in the opposite direction back to Europe

I went on uppers in boarding school to try to make me feel better about myself. They didn't do a thing. My cool druggy friends gave me crap for going on pharmaceuticals like it was inauthentic

My graphite face series is like the ever changing and consistent surface of the sea - instagram.com/acortrightdev

I can be a bad communicator in personal relationships

Purple is the color of 2018

You're my favorite


closetted european

hundreds of cumulative face drawings on my instagram: instagram.com/acortrightdev

always looking for places to hang (mein werk)

Ich liebe die Berge viel und es zeigt viel in meiner Arbeit

home page image March 2015 18' x 24' oil on canvas post ski trip to Carinthia

You have no idea how good she smelled

Not included in CV: group show Dark Harbor Studios, Aug - Early Sept, 2017

Is there an artist in your life you feel emotionally disconnected from? Perhaps try looking at their artwork

I wrote my essay for boarding school (St. Mark's) about land preservation



fatigue and depression since the age of 17 and bowel problems since the age of 18. 33 now

Religion major in college (Colorado College)

currently spending twenty hours each week drawing faces. 5hr/day 4 days/week (minimum)

please click on my Instagram account in 'Contact' for more new drawings and travel photos


Decision making

I also put a lot of work on my Facebook page "A Cortright Devereux"

"Life is too short to stress yourself with people who don't even deserve to be an issue in your life"



The question of why color exists is as interesting to me as the question of why anything exists at all

People say my drawings look like lithographs. I am happy to make a plethora of them anyway